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Whoosh Micro Fibre Cloths


Antimicrobial Treated Microfibre Cloths are the perfect cloth for cleaning your Cap Shield lens.

The W! cloth is made of premium woven microfiber that’s been treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. That means your cloths won’t smell! Plus, microfiber is ultra-fine — 50 to 100 times thinner than human hair. The tiny woven loops make it easy for our cloths to pick up and hold microscopic dirt, dust, and gunk.

What's included

  • 3 Antimicrobial microfiber W! cloths (6 x 6 in/ 15 x 15cm)

These soft, non-abrasive premium microfibre cloths will remove dirt and grime from your Cap Shield Lens (for best results use with WHOOSH! lens cleaner) Rinse and re-use up to 50 times each, wash in cold water, no fabric softener and let it air dry (don't use the dryer or bleach). These multi-purpose cloths can also be used on your computer screen, tablet, phone, smartwatch and your eye glasses