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Cap Shield Kids Face Shield


Cap Shield Kids Reusable Face Shield

Keeping kids safe is on everyone's minds these days. Our kids size face shields offer an added layer of protection against COVID-19 droplets. They are ideal for kids age 4-8 years old. Each Kids Cap Shield comes with an extra set of clips as kids may lose a clip or 2 along the way. An alternative for kids that can't manage wearing a mask as well as a way to keep kids from touching their face all day long.

Cap Shields offer a minimalist design and recyclable FDA approved materials light enough to wear all day. Certified by Health Canada as medical devices to be used in relation to COVID-19, Cap Shields are a clear choice for your PPE. With our 3 simple patent pending clips you can easily and quickly attach a face shield to your favourite flat brim ball cap or visor. Cap Shields are reusable and easy to sanitize at the end of your day. Feel good knowing that a portion of the dollars you spend on a Cap Shield will go towards donating 10 Cap Shields for every 100 we sell online to not-for-profits and charity organizations across the country in need of PPE. Check out our Product Care page to review our steps on assembling a Cap Shield and tips on cleaning and care.

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Kids Cap Shields include

  • 1 x kids Face Shield Lens
  • 1 x Black Centre Clips
  • 2 x Grey Side Clips
  • * Hats are not included - please purchase a Cap Shield and Hat Kit or attach your Cap Shield to your favourite ball cap or visor

"We went to the outlets by the airport on the weekend and the 2 year old much preferred the shield to the mask and we were happy to be able to have her wearing PPE. Thank you!" ~ Shelby

Easy Assembly

Our Guarantees

100% Happiness Guarantee

Enjoy a fast and secure checkout experience in our online shop. Our customer service team is here to help you with any questions you might have in regards to fit, special orders, phone orders or details about caring for your new Cap Shield.


We produce Cap Shields with sustainability in mind at every chance we get. If your Cap Shield becomes damaged from extended use, both the lens and the clips can go into your home recycling bin. We ship your Cap Shield in cardboard boxes filled with brown paper packing and both can be recycled.


How it fits

The Flat Brim Cap Shield will cover your face from your forehead to below your chin. Offering a crystal clear view through a lens that is 9.26 inches wide and 6.78 inches high. Installing your Cap Shield on the brim of your hat means that the face shield is held away from your face so no foam or uncomfortable elastic band will be pressing against your forehead. Wondering if a Cap Shield can work with your glasses? It sure can! We also recommend pairing Cap Shields with a face mask whenever you are in a situation where physical distancing measures can't be followed.

How Protective is it?

Let's face it, your PPE NEEDS to protect you day in and day out, so you need to be able to put your trust in it… otherwise what’s the point? Feel protected knowing that your Original Cap Shield is a Health Canada authorized Medical Device - Device ID 1024676.

“Face shields, which can be quickly and affordably produced and distributed, should be included as part of strategies to safely and significantly reduce transmission in the community setting.” The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), April 29, 2020

How it Ships

While we pride ourselves on FREE shipping in Canada for 10, 25 and 50 packs of Cap Shields, another important thing we really stand for is minimal packaging. Every product that ships out goes out in the minimum amount of packaging required to get the items to their destination safely and securely. No more, no less.


Cap Shield lenses are made from optically clear PETG plastic and our clips are injection molded HIPS (high impact polystyrene).

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