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Anti Fog Wipe


Frog Spit Anti Fog Wipes 

Have you been looking for an anti fog product for your Cap Shield? Look no further! Added bonus, they are reusable.

Our team put in the time for you and tested a bunch different anti fog products. We are now happy to report that we've landed on what we think is the best option to keep your Cap Shield lens fog free. And just to keep things interesting, the brand has a goofy name so we think you will love them just a little bit more! 

Safe for all types of glass and plastic

Frog Spit® anti fog wipes and solutions are safe for use on all plastic and glass surfaces and specially formulated to apply and let dry. Frog spit is also the only anti fog that is water soluble, biodegradable and Earth friendly, containing no harmful silicone, alcohol or other petroleum distillates found in many anti fog products. Highly effective and long lasting, Frog Spit offers the best performing anti fog wipes on the market for Safety Glasses and Face Shields.

Works better than an Anti Fog Spray

Frog Spit® is specially formulated to simply apply and let dry unlike other brands on the market that require rinsing or buffing, which can in-effect remove much of the just-applied anti fog coating. Frog Spit® anti fog wipes and solutions go on evenly, in a single transparent layer providing maximum protection against fogging and are safe and effective for use on any type of glass or plastic optics like; masks, goggles, face shields and protective eye wear.

Features and Application

  • Pre-moistened individual wipes apply the perfect amount of solution and dries almost immediately.
  • Water based so the Wipe won’t instantly dry out like other products using Alcohol or silicone.
  • A single Wipe can be applied multiple times and even be replaced into the pouch to stay moist and be used later.
  • Easy to carry and obviously can’t spill, something to consider for work environments.