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Our Canadian made Cap Shields are simple, reusable face shields that will help anyone feel more confident safely navigating their day to day, both during work and their personal time. Originally we had designed Cap Shields with restaurant and fast food businesses in mind but right away we realized that many different industries and businesses can benefit from adding the Cap Shield into their COVID-19 safety plan. These are just a few examples, please reach out to us to discuss implementing Cap Shields in your business. We would be happy to share input from other customers that might be operating within the same industry as you.

Salon / Barber Shop / Esthetician

Hairstylists and Barbers are up close and personal with their clients all day long. Re-opening salons and barber shops has taken a lot of careful planning after the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure both customers and workers are safe.

Our customer, Ray Tsuji, was thrilled to find Cap Shield when it was time for him to return to work.

“As a barber that wears glasses this product is the best. We can breathe nicely. Not too hot. No glare. Light. Don't know what else to say, you saved our sanity from 9 hrs in a mask... just perfect for the new normal. Great job. Thank you.” ~ Ray

Cafe / Restaurant / Fast Food

In fast food chains and restaurants workers are often in close proximity to each other working side-by-side on the line or serving customers at the cash registers. 

Wearing a Cap Shield offers your employees a twofold benefit. An option to feel safe while interacting with their fellow workers and the option to smile and speak to customers in the same way that they always have. 

"It has been working great, I have already used it for a month and 2 weeks. It feels breathable and sometimes it is like I'm not wearing it at all. It is so clear and light that it's like nothing is there." ~ Javier

Shop / Manufacturing

Working in a shop setting you are in close proximity to your team mates all day long. Wearing a Cap Shield is an easy addition. Cap Shields can fit easily over safety googles to ensure you can continue wearing your regulation safety gear.

Dental Office

The COVID-19 pandemic forced dental offices in BC to close down for over 2 months. Cap Shields can help protect both dentists and hygienists as they return back to work. Our face shields offer enough clearance that they can be worn on top of instruments needed for certain dental procedures.

Dentist wearing a Cap Shield