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Who can wear these face shields?
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The Cap Shield can be worn by anyone wearing a standard, curved brim baseball hat or visor. Our concept was originally designed with the food service industry in mind; however, we now have a broad range of business and consumer customers that are happily wearing Cap Shields. We sell Cap Shields in both adult and children's sizes.

Can a face shield replace a face mask?
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No, a shield is not a direct replacement for a mask; however, a mask is not a direct replacement for a shield either. These are two different PPE products each with their own pros and cons. For the best form protection overall, we recommend wearing both a face mask and a face shield. This effective method of protection is demonstrated by nearly every doctor and nurse around the globe today.

Are these face shields medical grade?
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Yes the Cap Shield itself is constructed from FDA approved material; and our face shields have now been approved by the Government of Canada as class 1 COVID-19 medical devices.

What is your return policy?
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All purchases of Cap Shields are final sale. Please see our Refunds & Returns page for more details on this policy.

Is The Cap Shield reusable?
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Yes, the Cap Shield is reusable. The lens material is recyclable, crystal clear, and FDA approved. The clips are reusable, and the face shields can be sanitized daily and reused.

How long will a Cap Shield last?
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The life expectancy of a Cap Shield is heavily dependent on the environment it is used in as well as the care taken during storage. The lens can scratch if it is not protected from harm similar to a pair of sunglasses. We recommend storing the unit upright to avoid contact with the lens surface. With proper care, a Cap Shield can last for several months or even years without replacement.

My Cap Shield arrived but it doesn't look clear?
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Cap Shields are shipped with a white plastic layer on each side of the lens to ensure they arrive to you unscratched. Please peel the protective layer off each side before assembling your Cap Shield.

I would like to purchase these for my company - how do I order in bulk?
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Bulk orders will qualify for additional discounts and added perks. Please email us at We would be happy to discuss your company needs.

Do you sell hats?
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Yes, Cap Shield is now selling hats that are branded with our Cap Shield logo. We have partnered with a local Vancouver company that does the embroidery. We would be happy to work with you on a custom order of hats branded with your company, organization or team logo.

What types of ball caps will the Cap Shield attach to?
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The patent pending Original Cap Shield design allows you to rapidly attach a face shield to any standard curved baseball cap or visor brim.

If you like to wear your hats in the trucker hat style then you are in luck! Our Flat Brim Cap Shield design will attach easily to the flat brim of your baseball hat or visor for a safe and comfortable face shield.

Where do you ship to?
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Currently we are shipping to Canada and the US.

Please email if you are outside Canada or the US and would like to order Cap Shield products.

I have product feedback for you, who do I send it to?
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We would love to hear your comments and feedback! Please send us an email to Or connect with us on social media @ Instagram  or @ Facebook.