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About Us

Joshua Bradshaw Cap Shield founder

Getting Started

Joshua Bradshaw, the president of Vital Manufacturing, saw the need for personal safety gear amongst his food service clients during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and decided to quickly get to work bringing the Cap Shield to market.

Joshua put his years of experience with design, manufacturing and business development to the test to rapidly submit a patent application and get the Cap Shield into production.

All of the products at Vital Manufacturing (including the Cap Shield) are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.

Our Offering

The Cap Shield is a unique face shield designed to maintain comfort while providing an added barrier to prevent the spread of germs. The Cap Shield’s patent pending design allows the wearer to rapidly attach a face shield to any standard baseball cap or visor brim creating a comfortable, visually appealing, lightweight solution that can be worn all day.

How the Cap Shield Helps You

It is our expectation that face shields of this nature will become a long-term policy for many food manufacturers and franchise locations, so we are happy to provide a comfortable, long-term solution via the Cap Shield.

Looking Forward

We currently have the manufacturing capacity and materials to supply orders up to ten thousand units and are ramping up to provide higher volumes ASAP.  We are hoping to support both small and large businesses with this innovative approach to a face shield.

Environmental Considerations

We have designed our face shield to be a reusable product. The Cap Shield can be sanitized daily and reused. The clips are reusable. Once a Cap shield can no longer be worn it can be recycled.