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Kids Cap Shield Kit


1 Kit

Each Kids Cap Shield kit comes with double the clips.


Our face shields are made in Canada. The patent pending Cap Shield design allows you to rapidly attach a face shield to any standard baseball cap or visor brim creating a comfortable, visually appealing, lightweight solution that can be worn all day.

And now we have a smaller size for kids! Our child sized face shields can attach to a child sized ball cap or visor. 

Keeping kids safe is on everyones minds these days. Our kids size face shields offer an added layer of protection against COVID-19 droplets. They are ideal for kids age 4-8 years old. Each Kids Cap Shield Kit comes with an extra set of clips as kids may lose a clip or 2 along the way. Comfortable to wear all day and helps kids from touching their face.

The Cap Shield is installed using three simple plastic clips to securely hold the lens in place. As you push the clips onto the brim, the clamping pressure of the clip to the lens is amplified, creating a firm friction hold.

The face shield material is recyclable, crystal clear, and FDA approved. The clips are reusable, and the kids face shields can be sanitized daily and reused. Check out our Product Care page to review our how-to-video on assembling a Kids Cap Shield and tips on cleaning and care.

*Hats are not included in Kids Cap Shield Kits

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